Middle School Teachers/Staff

The Middle School Office can be reached at 419.299.3384

Stephanie “Stevie” Brown
Middle School English and Reading
Mark Bunn
8th Grade Math
Karen Dishong
7th Grade Language Arts
Karen Doxsey
6th Grade Language Arts
Chris Henry
8th Grade History
Jack Marshall
7th Grade History
June Miller
Middle School Special Needs
Jennifer Obenour
6th Grade Social Studies
Megan Ortinau
7th Grade Math
Mike Procyk
Rosemary Salisbury
Cassie Schaffer
Director of Integration and Innovation
Seth Schaffer
Middle School Science
Molly Conroy
7th Grade Science
Kristina Rodman
Middle School Intervention Specialist
Terri Tinman
Bailey Hafner
Middle School Science
Denise Sexton
Leigh Sines
Sixth and Seventh Grade Math