Middle School Teachers/Staff

The Middle School Office can be reached at 419.299.3384

Middle School English and Reading

sbrown@vbschools.net | x310

8th Grade Math

mbunn@vbschools.net | x317

7th Grade Language Arts

kdishong@vbschools.net | x308

6th Grade Language Arts

kdoxsey@vbschools.net | x315

8th Grade History

chenry@vbschools.net | x322

7th Grade History

jmarshall@vbschools.net | x314

Middle School Special Needs

jmiller@vbschools.net | x330

6th Grade Social Studies

jobenour@vbschools.net | x316

7th Grade Math

mortinau@vbschools.net | x331


mprocyk@vbschools.net | x413



Director of Integration and Innovation

cschaffer@vbschools.net | x319

Middle School Science

sschaffer@vbschools.net | x320

7th Grade Science

mconroy@vbschools.net |  x312

Middle School Intervention Specialist

krodman@vbschools.net | x323


ttinman@vbschools.net | x313

Middle School Science

bhafner@vbschools.net | x324


dsexton@vbschools.net | x313

Sixth and Seventh Grade Math

lsines@vbschools.net | x311