Hello, and welcome to my corner of communication and information about the Van Buren Schools. I have been blessed to serve the district since 2004. A lot has changed both in our district and in society since that time. We have accomplished great things and faced many challenges. In development of the district’s latest strategic plan and in response to a recent staff survey there was clearly a need to improve communication and expand the way that we share information with the staff and community. This “corner” is my way of reaching out to the staff and community to keep you updated and informed and to foster and strengthen our relationship.

On this page you will find videos and information sharing staff and student accomplishments, recognition of parent and community support, building issues, the district’s financial condition, district accomplishments and recognitions, and other relevant topics. A regular monthly video will be uploaded monthly to this site. Additional information and videos may also be randomly uploaded when special events or immediate concerns arise. The regular monthly videos may include comments from others besides myself including the Board of Education, Treasurer, and other staff and community members.

I hope you find this “corner” enlightening, entertaining, helpful, and useful. Please contact me with suggestions of topics and information that you would like to hear about. As we continue to make the Van Buren Schools the “School of Choice”, we must work together to celebrate and recognize accomplishments, know the concerns of our staff and community, be informed of the challenges we face.

Tim Myers, Superintendent

Van Buren Schools